About Us

Leading The Way In Fuel Wholesale Distribution

SUPER Petroleum is more than just a fuel and service provider. It is our unique ethos that makes us what we are. First and foremost, the SUPER Petroleum Group is a South African company. We started locally, are locally owned, and strongly believe in uplifting local individuals and communities. SUPER Petroleum is a privately-owned South African Energy Trading company that began saling Petroleum in South Africa in 1999 under the name Perrinelli motors The company now specialises in the sourcing Petroleum throughout Sub-Saharan Africa ,Russia, China, and Europe.

We do this throughout all our ventures by providing impeccable service to all clients, helping them to make the most of their own businesses, which in turn helps to grow the economy and wealth of our country. We engage with new stakeholders in the knowledge that we can provide the service that they need to thrive, and we cherish our current customers, and do everything in our power to help their businesses grow. In our own business we are committed to transformation within the fuels industry. SUPER Petroleum is an accredited Level 4 B-BBEE company and a registered petroleum products wholesaler and exporter in South Africa

Our commitment to quality service sets us apart from our competitors. We have more than 25 years' combined experience in the field, and hands-on directors who take ownership of the day-to-day running of the company. The combination of these two factors ensures that there are always knowledgeable, capable people on hand to deal with customers' needs. SUPER Petroleum delivers unique solutions by developing supply routes for all logistics options. SUPER Petroleum has experience in trading and sourcing refined petroleum products from a range of South African and international oil companies, national oil companies and commodity traders. SUPER Petroleum imports and exports Petroleum throughout Southern Africa and is recognised as a independent trader of fuel in the region.

We offer clients a steady supply up and down stream, with 24/7 delivery schedules down stream and a 3 to 10 up stream depending where in the SADC region, and equally importantly, 24/7 communication with our clients. We boast extensive network coverage and can provide a reliable supply stream of all our products,


Mission Statement

The SUPER Petroleum Group mission is to be recognised as a leading African brand in Petroleum trading in southern Africa. Remaining focused through superior service delivery, innovation, communication, effective administration on our promise of putting the customer first.
Strict control and management, competent and enthusiastic staff, proactive marketing and an innovative approach ensure that we remain committed, sustainable, profitable and focused.

Vision Statement

The SUPER Petroleum Group Vision is to strive to become the leading petroleum supplier of choice in all market sectors in the Southern Africa landscape. Through its branded by setting the standard for the retail, commercial, mining, agriculture, civil and transport sectors, we will continue to grow our footprint nationally and internationally, improve brand awareness, grow market share, increase both shareholder and stakeholder value to benefit our customers.

Our Goals

  • Build an additional 80 new retail stations in the next 10 years.
  • Expand the retail division nationally and internationally Africa
  • To become the largest private importer of fuel in south Africa.
  • To Develop and Grow the SUPER Petroleum brand into Africa
  • Service Excellence
  • Open Communication

Where We Operate

Super Petroleum’s Fuels is active in both the trading and supply of refined oil products.

  • Fuels – Diesel, Petrol, Kerosene, HFO, Avgas and Jet A1.
  • Our operation includes trading, operations and inventory management services to bulk customers and government agencies. Supplies are secured through long – medium term and spot purchase agreements. We are actively involved in the supply and distribution of bulk Diesel, Petrol, Kerosene, and Jet A1 throughout the SADC region and we are considered as a independent suppliers of this nature in the region.

Supply and logistics

Super Petroleum has extensive experience in the supply of product from terminals to depots and customers, whether the mode of supply is via ship, pipeline, rail or road. The supply is affected seamlessly by offering a service that integrates all supply chain service providers in the customer offer. Our Shipping Operations team ensures a constant monitoring of the global shipping markets, maintaining relationships with brokers, ship owners, agents and port authorities. This allows us to react quickly and effectively in sourcing appropriate vessels, and ensuring that there is full compliance with the shipping safety conventions that our various clients require.

  • Import / Export
  • Sourcing Products
  • Bulk Delivery
  • Fuel Suppliers

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