SUPER Petroleum has established retail sites in South Africa. Regions that will give this brand the chance to come into its own in exciting ways. Each site has a comprehensive service offering and a clean and modern look. SUPER Petroleum are rebranding and upgrading existing sites in conjunction with the owners. Newly build SUPER PETROLEUM sites will soon be seen in many areas.

Once you make the choice for SUPER Petroleum to assist with the re-branding of your filling station, you are not only becoming a part of the SUPER Petroleum brand, but also of the SUPER Petroleum GROUP family.

Existing filling stations

SUPER Petroleum assists filling station owners to rebrand their existing filling stations with SUPER Petroleum’s professional and exciting brand. Existing filling stations without a contract with a major oil company. SUPER Petroleum assists the owner to develop, and brand, their filling station into a profitable business.

New sites / developments:

SUPER Petroleum offers guidance with legislation, we also assist the filling station owner in managing the building project from irrigation to the day of the launch. SUPER Petroleum connects prospective filling station owners or operators with filling station properties that are for sale or to rent

30 million New Retail Project

  • Super petroleum new site being built 5 five facilities
  • Convenience store with coffee, bakery,butchery
  • 5+1 inlands with eight product dispensers, state fo the art units
  • Steers, debonairs,KFC, Clicks
  • Out door seating facilities
  • Car wash
  • 6000 sqm property
  • Project Completion Date 2020

Safety Matters

Safety has always been one of SUPER PETROLUEM’S core values. We seek to continually improve our competence and standards throughout all areas of our operations, therefore SUPER PETROLUEM has produced a full HSSE manual for our station owners and operators. SUPER PETROLUEM will ensure that all sites and facilities are operated in a way that is safe for both clients and employees. SUPER PETROLUEM will take responsibility for the care of those impacted by activities on our sites. Once you choose SUPER PETROLUEM to assist with the rebranding of your filling station, you are not only becoming a part of the SUPER PETROLUEM brand, but also of the SUPER PETROLUEM group family.

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