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SUPER Petroleum Group has established retail sites in South Africa . These sites clearly identify the brand in an exciting and effective manner. Each site has a comprehensive service offering and a clean and modern look. SUPER Petroleum Group are rebranding and upgrading existing sites in conjunction with the owners. You will soon notice newly built SUPER Petroleum Group sites in your area.

New development Commercial and Retail

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SUPER Petroleum Group specialist retail team assists customers in the rebranding of existing out-of-contract filling stations. We also assist on sites where the property must be developed into a new filling station. We also assist with the obtaining of Site- and Retail Licenses.

Together with SUPER Petroleum Group retail strategy, strong relationships have been established with commercial clients for the purposes of supplying fuel. Mining, Transport, Agricultural, Industrial, Construction, Manufacturing and Government Sectors are classified as the commercial market.

Retail Services

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Once your filling station is branded you become part of the SUPER Petroleum Group family and a key account manager is allocated to your specific site. This manager will be on site monthly to assist you in growing your business into a successful filling station.


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Because we have our own fleet, SUPER Petroleum Group has up-to-date and accurate information regarding the deliveries of products to our customers.

Our fleet consists of various state of the art metered tankers, managed by a team of technical , administrative, operational and management staff, under the leadership of a Logistics Manager. As soon as delivery instructions are handed down from the SUPER Petroleum Group sales department, the details are entered into our scheduling and planning system to get the order delivered as safe and as soon as possible. Because we know the importance of delivering fuel on time, we strive to on time, every time. We strive to be Professional and on time.

SUPER Petroleum Group has a 24-hour control room to monitor and control all aspects of a customer’s delivery. Our trained professionals will, with the use of highly specialized technology, be able to advise the client at any stage on exactly where their product is in South Africa and Africa, exports.


SUPER Petroleum Group is devoted to the task of sales and distribution of bulk fuels. Wholesalers can collect product, be it Diesel, Petrol or Paraffin, through various COC’s (Customer own collection) points across South Africa through our agreements with various oil companies.

We have our own fleet of trucks. We also deliver to our clients within 24 hours after receiving the payment for an order. Our wholesale team is dedicated to giving fast, friendly and efficient service. Our main suppliers for fuel and distribution are Shell, Total, Engen, Sasol and BP. We pride ourselves in providing quality products at the lowest price possible.

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